seasonal_beats is a challenge for beatmakers that aims to describe seasonal things via instrumental beat music.
We dedicate our second seasonal beats round to the spring equinox..


The SPRING EQUINOX : Day and night balance each other out. The sun rises exactly in the east and sets in the west on this day all over the world. The balance brings with it a feeling of lightness. Day and night are exactly the same length only twice a year, during the spring and autumn equinoxes.


TASK: Day and night are exactly the same length during the spring equinox, so all instrumental, lo-fi beats in this round should be too. Your beat should be exactly 2 minutes long. To clarify the day and night division, there should be a halftime feel in the beat at least once.


SUBMIT: Send your beat no later than the spring equinox on March 20, 2022:


DEAL: seasonal_beats & Believe Digital pitch your beat to all stores and matching editorial playlists. We promote and invest in your beat.


BLOCKCHAIN-PAYMENT: From all published beats in this seasonal_beats round, 50% of the profit will be distributed to all participating beat makers - so everyone benefits from the success of all seasonal_beats-beats <3