seasonal_beats is a challenge for beatmakers that aims to describe seasonal things via instrumental beat music. We dedicate our first seasonal beats round to ice flowers.


ICE FLOWERS are crystals of water. When the right amount of warmer, humid indoor air and tiny dust particles are meeting cold window panes, ice crystals can form. Impurities and imperfections in the window glass allow the ice to grow in floral patterns across the glass. The freezing water takes on the beautiful shapes that people have always associated with flowers. Water is life. A frosty night makes it bloom. 


TASK: Without coldness, there would be no ice flowers. To keep them from moving too fast, the beat must be very slow. Under 70 bpm should be enough to keep the ice flowers from sweating too much while swinging along your beat. Furthermore, we provide you with a sample for your beat, which is symbolizing the birth of an ice flower. Your musical idea of ice flowers, the tempo and the sample should lead to a dreamy beat. Please think of a suitable songtitle. We are looking forward to your beat. 
Have fun!